What we believe

We are a company driven by our core values. We strongly believe that people should do things that they’re passionate about. We are not just about cleaning. We crave the satisfaction from providing top-end services and adding value to other businesses.

We figured out that when we provide high quality cleaning services to businesses, it enables them to confidently open up their spaces to their clients and also to create a great environment for their employees.

Knowing that we are also behind our client’s success and achievements, it gives us motivation to ravel the extra mile in order to contribute more and more towards our case. And the pleasure and happiness we get from this, is something you can’t put a price on.


The AUSTRALIAN ACHIEVER AWARDS measure, recognise and reward Australian businesses for their customer service. Since 1998, their process has successfully helped businesses across Australia to measure and improve their customer service focus. 

One Direction Australia has won the award for ‘Highly Recommended Cleaning Company’ in Australia for 2020, 2021 and 2022 consecutively. We are truly humbled by this achievement and our clients’ trust in us. Our commitment and dedication to our customers is our recipe for success; this award proves that.


People choose One Direction for several reasons. Let’s see why!

Commercial cleaning
  • Friendly and well-trained staff that you can totally rely on
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and modern technology and strategies of commercial cleaning that we use.
  • Our services are internationally identified and certified to ensure you service above and beyond.
  • We make worth of every dollar you pay, and our services are fair priced and cost effective.

What we believe

We are a company driven by our core values. We strongly believe that people should do things that they’re passionate about. We are not just about cleaning. We crave the satisfaction from providing top-end services and adding value to other businesses.

We figured out that when we provide high quality cleaning services to businesses, it enables them to confidently open up their spaces to their clients and also to create a great environment for their employees.

Knowing that we are also behind our client’s success and achievements, it gives us motivation to ravel the extra mile in order to contribute more and more towards our case. And the pleasure and happiness we get from this, is something you can’t put a price on.

One Direction Australia is one of the most prominent Commercial Cleaning services providers in Melbourne Australia. In 2019 One Direction Australia win the award for ‘Highly Recommended Cleaning Company’ in Australia. Which proven the point that One Direction Australia is the number one Office Cleaning Provider in Melbourne. Providing the best and quality service towards customers is their major concern.

Industrial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning, Facility Management, Steam Carpet Cleaning, etc. are the services which One Direction Australia will provide towards their customers. Professionalism, experience and quality value delivery are the core competencies of One Direction Australia in Melbourne.

One of the major concerns of the customers is that, do Commercial Cleaning Companies in Melbourne provide a worthy service for each and every dollar that they are spending on this. We, One Direction Australia, can 100% assure you that, the best customer satisfaction is our primary concern and our well trained, highly skillful staff with modern techniques and technologies will fulfill your expectations as you wish.

We as a professional Office Cleaning service provider, always focus on delivering the best output for our clients and customers. For that, we follow certain steps to enhance our performance.

  • Well trained and experienced staff, By having a staff like this we can adapt to changes in the working environment very easily. Apart from that, it’s easier for both our customers and for us to create a solid bond between each other.
  • Economically beneficial rates for Office Cleaning in Melbourne, Since we are having the best working staff, it is easier to work more efficiently and effectively. It allows us to provide the best rates and services to our clients. For each and every dollar you pay, we guarantee to offer the best service.
  • Anytime Service to our Customers,  We are ready to provide our best services, no matter at what time you need us at your service. We believe that we can adjust our services according to the customer requirements very effectively.
  • Customized Office Cleaning Services, By customizing our services according to the exact need of our clients is one of the things that we do. It allows to fulfill exact expectations of our customers and it will cause to have a stronger relationship with our customers as well.
  • Best Quality Service, We offer the best service for all our clients. Quality Service will always make your customers happier. Rather than just finishing off the work, we prefer to deliver the best output for our clients.

With the amount of experience that our well-trained cleaners have will uplift our company at the top in Melbourne Office Cleaning.

One Direction Australia in Melbourne offers a wide range of cleaning services to the customers. We can assure that our staff will fulfill your expectations in any sort of a Cleaning Service that you want from us.

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    Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne is one of the major things that almost all the companies are looking for. It is important to have a pleasant and attractive work environment around you and your employees. Very well organized, nice and clean office/workstation is one of the key factors to provide such a surrounding to your office. We are ready to provide our services to make your workplace nice and clean. How frequently you are expecting our service? Monthly, Weekly, daily we will make sure to offer our services at your will.

    By using newer technologies with automation, highly skilled workers, best-graded chemicals and supplies to complete our job at its best, is our primary objective. We deliver specialized and customized commercial cleaning services according to your needs and will. We offer a wide range of options which suits to your respective workplace. Some of them are Bathroom maintenance, Interior window washing, Vacuuming, Mopping, Dusting, Kitchenette/staff room cleaning, Rubbish removal, etc.

    Facility management is one of the key aspects that companies should focus more on. It is important to provide a safe and sound environment in the workplace building. Will it be cost-effective? The answer is a simple yes. We are ready to provide effective service to satisfy your needs and expectations. Facility Management has a wide range of spread. We handle large facility management projects which has a wide variety in their business. We will support you to find out, what requirements that you have to focus on, and how we can deal with them in a very transparent and flexible way. We provide both long term and day to day facility management services. It’s time to make a change for a better and safer future. Contact us, we will provide all our expert knowledge and services anytime.

    Large- or small-scale industrial businesses should focus more on having professional industrial cleaning services. It is massively affecting for a smooth and clean run in the business. A wide range of varieties in Industrial Cleaning allows our cleaners to customize their work according to the customer’s needs. Factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, and refineries are the areas in local sites, that we provide our services. One of our main focus points is specialized Industrial cleaning. This includes Machinery and equipment, High-pressure water cleaning, Tanks and vessels, Ducts and exhaust and more. To deliver something like this towards our customers will require highly skilled and experienced staff to run and monitor the operations. Our workers are more than capable enough to handle any sort of situation. More importantly, our aim is to provide the best outcome for the customers.

    Cleaning, arranging and eliminating all wastes and adding up the final touch up to make your own construction a complete and a perfect place is what you are wishing for. You are just one click away to reach out the most suited construction cleaning service provider for your company. Our services cover all the stages, Rough Interior Cleaning, Final interior Cleaning and the touch up of cleaning, right on time and at its best.

    We use the best materials with the newest technology plus with a well-trained and experienced staff. No matter the size, complexity or the scope of your project. We have more than enough capacity to fulfill your expectations. Our cleaners follow and adhere to the procedures alongside maintaining a professional relationship with our client. Our services will be there for you. You only need to book a job at your will

    The medical sector is heavily focusing their attention towards highly sanitized and safe work environment. Their primary concern is also the same as ours. We will provide you the highest quality medical cleaning service, with the best cleaning system, staff, equipment, technology, and chemicals. More importantly, we are using well recommended and recognized chemicals by hospitals for cleaning.

    We cover all the cleanings which your Medical Centre expecting from us. Our wide scope covers, Dental Offices, Chiropractors, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Psychologists, Surgeons Office, Optometrists, Dialysis Centers, Veterinarian Clinics, cleanings. Our priority is to complete these tasks in a safe and hygienic way.

    Our major attention was given to a professional service towards our customers and a safe and sound cleaning process which conduct on time. The complexity of your task is not an issue. If you are looking for an experienced and specialized work, here we are, with the ideal match.

    In the modern age, offices are one of the busiest places. When it comes to providing a pleasant working environment for your employees, is one of the key factors to uplift your employee’s motivation towards their respective work. Clean office space is something you have to focus more on. We provide the best office cleaning services to our customers. Our specialized expert workers ready to conduct their job while you do your work at the office premises. Refreshing appearance for your company, is one of our key goals.

    Our services consist of Deep Cleaning, Clean and Sanitize bathrooms, Trash disposal, High-dusting furniture, Cafeteria Cleaning and Break room Cleaning. We engage with you to provide the best outcomes and benefits. We are offering the ideal expectation delivery to you, If you are looking for a punctual and professional cleaning service with a higher recommendation.

    Nice, clean and organized outlook is a key factor to attract more customers towards your business. We identified the importance of our services to you. That’s why we upgraded our way of cleaning, into a whole new way with a wide variety of cleaning options. We have an experienced and professional staff to fulfill your expectations to optimize your operations.

    Shopping centers are more exposed to their customers. It is important to align our cleaning behind the scene, alone side with your daily routine of work. Why we are recommending our services to you? We provide all the equipment, chemicals and insurances in our prices. We focus more on safety and excellent approach to health. We have environmentally aware working practices. All in all, we provide all the washroom disposables and sanitary equipment and chemicals. Ask for our services anytime, we’ll be at your service.

    Pub Cleaning in Melbourne is one of the most frequent services that we provide. Your customers will come to your restaurant/pub to spend their nice time or to have some fun. How will you make sure, whether their experience at your restaurant is good or bad? Having clean and nice surroundings is a key thing that you need to focus on. This is not a simple task and we recommend you outsource it to a professional, licensed cleaning service provider.

    Most of your activities and routines will happen at night and it is difficult to find a proper plan for cleaning. Our qualified and experienced staff will take care of the cleaning at your restaurant/pub and make it look perfect. We offer multiple services such as Canopy Cleaning Services, 24/7 Restaurant Janitorial, Stainless Steel Equipment Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing & Waxing, Dining Area Cleaning / Sanitizing, Carpet Cleaning Services, Restaurant Commercial Cleaning, Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning and Window Cleaning. We provide the best Pub cleaning Services in Melbourne.

    Nowadays skyscraper buildings need a good and shiny look to glow and rise among the other buildings. You may be wondering how to clean the windows of these tall buildings. We are here for your needs. What sort of a building you need to clean? Is it a Retail Stores, General Offices, Manufacturing / Factories, Medical Offices, Multi-Level Buildings, Churches & Religious Buildings, Educational Buildings, Government Building? Now it’s not an issue to think of.

    We cover all types of building window cleaning. Our exterior and interior window washing service will be ideal for your expectations, mainly because of our specialized staff with the latest technologies and equipment. 100% satisfaction towards our customers, highly trained technicians and cleaners, and the use of highly recommended safety methods throughout the task are the reasons, to decide why we are the best at what we are doing

    Driveways and paving, Tennis Courts, Concrete & Rendered Walls, Brick Work, Timber fencing and walls, Timber decking, Sides of buildings, painted surfaces, Carpark Clean, Retaining Walls, Tiles & Cladding, Brick cleaning, Warehouse cleaning, Skylights, even some glass surfaces need to be cleaned properly. Pressure washing is a common and one of the largest tasks that we do in quality building maintenance. Our major concern is how to provide high-quality service.

    At the same time, we are focusing to deliver our services in an eco-friendly manner. We are having all the necessary equipment with the latest technology to make our cleaning service more effective and efficient. Highly trained and skilled workers and their professionalism towards our customers are the greatest strengths that we are currently consisting of. We offer our services for both commercial and residential sectors. We’ll make your place like it was on the first day.

    General Offices, Restaurants, Cafes, Medical Facilities, Manufacturing & Factories, Retail Stores, Churches & Religious Buildings, Car Dealerships, Government Buildings and most of the other businesses use carpets. It is getting dusty and dirty if we are not maintaining it and clean it properly. Consistent carpet cleaning affects to have a fresh and clean feeling towards the ones who indirectly consuming it. Rather than just vacuuming your carpets, it’s ideal to use steam cleaning.

    A professional and technically well-occupied cleaners using advanced Steam Cleaning methods, which can be applied for any material of carpets. Another advantage of this method is rather than a dusty and dirty smell we can feel fresh and nice smell. Our services will be ready for you 24/7/365. We know the importance of clean and tidy carpets and we support you to make your carpets clean and fresh.

    First impression about your company, business or house will firstly measure with the physical appearance. People do care about clean, nice and tidy appearance in the first place. Most of you are worrying about cleaning your tiled floor or walls due to lack of time. Here we are at your service to provide you the best tile and grout cleaning services. Quality and the cleanliness of your floor is one of the major cleaning aspects that you have to focus on. No matter if it is concrete, tile, VCT, wood or linoleum floor, we will take care of it.

    Floor Scrubbing, Buffing, Waxing, Tile Steam Cleaning, Deep-Clean Mopping, Floor Polishing, Floor Stripping, Pressure Washing, Grout Cleaning are the services that we are providing. If you need to maintain and clean your floor to regain it’s true color, contact our services. We will fulfill your expectations anytime. As we mentioned earlier it is very much important to identify the ideal Office Cleaning Provider according to your needs. We strongly recommend One Direction Australia in Melbourne for all your cleaning purposes. A proper, professional services will be provided right at your doorsteps.