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How to give a Fresh-look to a place by commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning has become a major point in industry as with the rise of number of people who work in a place and also the customers too. So, the dust, dirt can be increased, and the fragrance of the workplace would be changed and give a bad smell with the garbage and the sweat of the people the place moves on with. So, every commercial area is subjected to the possibility of an offensive aroma like any common area where people spend a significant amount of their day. But do not despair. But do not despair. You, your office cleaners, can do a lot to keep your office smelling and fresh and your team happy and productive.

How to keep the place smelling fresh.

  1. Keeping the washrooms and Kitchen clean.

When commercial office cleaners are employed, ensure that your cleaning service schedule includes the periodic, deep cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms. This not only guarantees the right level of workplace hygiene, but also helps avoid the kind of offensive odors these areas are likely to suffer. Putting in the bathroom a little scented candle and putting in the kitchen a bowl of vinegar and bi-card soda will also help to keep smells low. Fragrance pays a major role in cleaning, though the place is well-cleaned if a bad odor occurs, that does not satisfy the cleanliness of the area. So, commercial cleaners should focus on the fragrance too.

2. Keep the place clean.

In order to improve your office’s smell, you need to ensure that your workplaces are clean and that the containers are free of bad scent. There should be some sort of rules to restrict food and drink waste, particularly in kitchen containers and a break room, to just one or two bins. Encourage employees to get their jobs cleaned up weekly by allowing 15-30 minutes a week just for this task. Above all, make sure you empty all office bins daily with your commercial office cleaners.

3. Carpets should be cleaned regularly.

Office floors should be cleaned in every workplace daily, but you should also include regular professional carpet cleaning in your professional office cleaning schedule. This reduces potential odors caused by spills and blemishes. If the carpet gives a bad odor in the meantime before or after the proper cleaning time, sprinkle the area in baking soda and leave it as long as possible like overnight and then vacuum in the morning. This helps to neutralize smells. Let your office cleaner know the problem area so they can take care of it. Commercial cleaning contractors Melbourne should focus on these points to make sure the commercial cleaning process is done properly.

4. Allowing proper ventilation come in.

Opening windows to allow fresh air is an excellent way to remove existing odors from your commercial area and prevent new ones. Your workplace will also naturally refresh its smell with the placement of fresh flowers and plants and citrus fruits in the kitchen and in the break-areas. Also important for improved air quality are indoor plants and air purifiers. Opening up the windows and doors even once in a while will give positive effect to the fragrance of the workplace.

5. Choose commercial cleaning professionals.

Devote your best protection against offensive office odors with skilled and experienced expert office cleaning contractors. Quality commercial cleaners will design a cleaning service schedule to help your office keep clean, tidy, safe and smelling, ticks all the boxes for daily and regular deep cleaning. Managing all the cleaning activities in a proper manner will not allow you to miss the work activities and will help to give a completed cleaning process.

One Direction Australia have a considerable number of clients where it mainly covers commercial cleaning south Melbourne and commercial cleaning Melbourne.

Places where dust can be collected more.

Every commercial area has some places where the dirt can be collected in a high rate. The first impression of an office area is strongly based on its level of cleanliness and hygiene. A workplace is the breeding ground for germs and dirt with various employees and clients. In their offices many business owners avoid deep cleaning, because they accept sparkling floors and clean windows. It should be noted that bright floors and tablecloths do not mean no germs. Cleaning of the canteen area and washrooms is also involved in workplace hygiene.

The productivity of employees also has a positive effect on clean workspace. Melbourne commercial cleaning companies should keep an eye in these places, so that the cleaning can be done whenever necessary. The best way to keep your workspace clean and tidy is to hire professionals for office cleaning in Melbourne. The cleaning process is consistent with commercial cleaners, but also ensures the use of the correct cleaning equipment and products. In an office there are many other spots, besides the canteen area and toilets, which require regular and efficient cleaning. The next lesser known places are not only hard to clean but are also easily missed.  Following are some places where dirt will be attracted maximumly.

  1. Telephones and communications equipment used regularly.

Any workplace has many telephones and many people manage these devices. Make sure your telephones are regularly cleaned. The failure to clean phones can cause infections to spread. Furthermore, behind computers and window shelves also a lot of dust can be collected. If you notice dust in the areas indicated, then the time is right for you to hire cleaners. So, you should not wait until you see the collected heap of dust, you should inform your commercial cleaners to have a proper schedule to clean these places before the dust get collected.

2. Glass door and windows.

Windows cleaning is generally part of every cleaning routine of any commercial area. The cleaning of a glass door requires more than just disinfecting marks and spots. The purification of the door handles is also a matter of glass door cleaning as germs accumulate in frequent use. Make sure the cleaners you hire regularly disinfect your door and glass door handles. Cleaning the glass doors’ handles will prevent the spread of germs.

3. Around Photocopy machines.

Many people use the photocopy machine daily and this makes it a breeding ground for germs. Often employees carry their coffee mugs to the photocopy machines which will allow the germs to get collected very easily. Where there is food and drink, the rate of germs gets collected may become increased.

When hiring commercial cleaning contractors, you have to check the feedbacks given by the previous customers and check specifically whether the commercial cleaners have focused on theses places where the dust can be collected more.

Commercial cleaning in Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning key points in choosing the service.

Commercial Cleaning has become a much-needed matter in day-to-day activities where the cleanliness has become an important point among people. Generally everything should be done very-correctly and in a standard manner where all the activities should be done in an orderly manner. Commercial cleaning is a difficult task because of the amount of work to be done to produce a successful result. The right cleaning method and the right equipment will substantially reduce the burden. One Direction Australia has the best and the suitable equipment for all the needed cleaning purposes. Also, we avoid most of the common faults that would be happen in cleaning your commercial area.

Use of Essential Equipment for cleaning.

We, One Direction Australia as a recommended company we use some equipment that are needed for particular matters

1.Carpet Cleaners.

carpets are more likely to get soiled in commercial spaces because every day there are numbers of people coming in and out to the premises. Running a carpet cleaner on the carpets also helps to keep the fresh look of your carpet which will allow a long-lasting condition for the carpet. Commercial Cleaners normally give a high attention to carpets as, carpets will get dirty in high rate than other matters.

2.Vacuum Cleaners.

Commercial vacuum cleaners can clear dirt and dust without leaving traces of contamination in one sweep. You can even use vacuum cleaners on wooden floors, sheets and more in combination with a sweep along the floors and walls, perfect for all kinds of surfaces. This is another area where commercial cleaning contractors Melbourne focus on due to the request of customers that vacuum cleaning should be done regularly.

3.Floor Buffer.

It is undoubtedly the most difficult task to clean the floor in industries and commercial areas. Floor buffers serve as the best gear to keep the floor smooth and shiny. Through this electrical machinery you can easily clean the floors without unnecessary trepidation on areas like linoleum, tile, hardwood and marble, in a high speed.

4.Pressure Washers.

The use of high-pressure water spray facilitates the removal of mud, grain, paint and dust. Pressure washers make commercial site cleaning efficient by pressurizing the dirt between the grids from equipment and allow the most disgusting layer of dirt and waste to be removed. One of the mostly used equipment by commercial cleaners Melbourne is Pressure washers which will allow the cleaners to clean the required areas without any effort kobalt air compressor.

5.Floor Scrubbers.

Floor scrubbing is an essential component in commercial cleaning companies. Many kinds of machinery and equipment for the floor-scrubbing are available to perfectly scrub the floors in the cleaning crew’s convenience. Within each nook and cranny, the right floor scrubber reaches and ensures a clean and healthy workspace. Being a first level commercial cleaning services Australia, we will always use the advanced equipment to offer the service in the best manner.

While this equipment can make your work simple, the best way to obtain the most effective output is by choosing professionals that offer commercial cleaning services in Melbourne.

Areas where commercial cleaning is needed.

Today there are a number of professional cleaning services. The cleaning task was originally limited to household works but various areas now require a variety of cleaning techniques. Cleaning processes are implemented depending on the need for space and the type of dirt it is likely to accumulate. Cleaning affects not only the general hygiene of the workplace, but also the working culture. In addition, the health of employees is maintained in a clean work environment. Commercial cleaning services should be noted that they are not only limited to offices but may also be hired in other areas. There are many advantages of hiring commercial cleaning services such as trained staff, use of quality products for cleaning, etc. Commercial cleaners also take precautions and safety measures during commercial cleaning. People nowadays have a very busy lifestyle, and therefore professional cleaning services are better to hire. Professional cleaners work regularly and help to keep the room clean and clear. Melbourne commercial cleaning is trustworthy. There are a few areas in which business cleaners can help a lot. One Direction Australia covers particular number of areas when giving commercial cleaning services.

  1. Supermarkets and shopping centers.

A large number of people are accommodated every day in supermarkets and shopping centers where cleaning should be done regularly with a professional team of cleaners. In addition, they store a number of things that can collect dirt and dust. Commercial cleaners must be hired to maintain these areas, as they also attract rodents.


Where there is food there is bound to be a mess and the place should be very clean. Restaurants can attract loads of dirt and that can also affect food quality. In order to avoid the stated, it is necessary to keep the restaurants neat and tidy. Additionally, it is important to use safe cleaning products when it comes to such areas because they may come in contact with the food. We use unique kind of cleaning products in restaurant cleaning for safety and also, we use many techniques to prevent the cleaning products and food in contact.

3.Medical Centers.

Medical centers need regular and rapid cleaning, because germs and infections are most likely to occur. In addition, waste produced in medical institutions must be carefully disposed, which commercial cleaners can easily handle. As this is a place where the cleaning should be done very correctly and safely you also have to be careful when using certain cleaning products in medical centers. One Direction Australia have a well-trained staff who are appointed specifically for medical centers as for the safety. 

Selecting a Commercial cleaning Service.

It can be extremely convenient to hire commercial cleaners for your job or home. A clean work environment not only speaks a lot about the ethics of your work but also helps to preserve employee health. Cleaning come up as a task can take quite some time and, consequently, most people enjoy professional assistance. In addition, cleaning is a consistent activity and commercial cleaners can help. You can focus on your core activities without worrying about the cleanliness of the place with the help of commercial cleaning services. It is beneficial to hire commercial cleaners because they are trained to clean even the hardest areas. In addition, they use appropriate cleaning products according to the cleaning area. Commercial cleaning services in Melbourne are ideal for both residential and office areas. Most people refrain from employing professionals because they are uncertain of their trustworthiness. Following are the key points that should be considered in selecting a commercial cleaning service Australia.

  1. Check the customer Feedback and the past.

Most providers of commercial cleaning services come in online. Before hiring, check the history and the type of projects the relevant commercial cleaners have been engaged in. You can also review the work profile to get a better understanding.  If you are still not sure, always seek advice from friends and acquaintances.

2.Make sure the staff is well-trained.

The cleaning company needs proper communication and behavior. Checking that the staff of the cleaning service contractors are professionally trained is essential. The employees should be sufficiently responsible for the cleaning process.

3.The Rate should be reasonable.

People are often too faulty to be true to schemes, so make sure you’re not making the same error. Check the rates of each service and make sure that you compare them with others. Follow your needs and then choose the service. Choose the service that offers you a service which is worth enough to your pay back.

So, when choosing commercial cleaners in Melbourne, select a team consisting of well-experienced team.

professional commercial cleaning

professional commercial cleaning services across Melbourne

One Direction Australia is spread all over the Melbourne and has been serving Melbourne commercial workplaces for over 20 years by providing professional commercial cleaning services across Melbourne. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, retail and shopping centers, medical centers, industrial cleaning and restaurant and pub cleaning.

Cleaning a workplace should be done regularly with the essential factors to be considered in cleaning. It is very well needed thing for any place as no one can live in a dirty place with a lot of germs and dust.

Commercial office cleaning Melbourne has spread out in the various regions in Australia with the demand for our company. Office cleaning companies Melbourne always cover the whole work place with all the facilities they have for cleaning. When choosing a contractor for office cleaning there are some factors that should be considered.  To have a 100% commercial cleaning services these factors should be fulfilled.

Factors should be considered in Office cleaning Services.

  1. References.

When you select a commercial cleaning company, first you should check whether they have a good history as commercial cleaners. So, you can go through the customer feedback they have and you can make sure the quality of the services they have done in the recent past.

  • Experience and training.

Having a considerable number of periods in experience is a positive point in selecting a commercial cleaning services company.  Having a trained staff also can reduce the faults that happen in the cleaning sessions. Checking up on the training that the cleaners go through should also be done when choosing a commercial cleaners Melbourne.  Also, you can have a check up on the training session that if they have updated the training sessions with the advanced equipment they use.

  • Certifications.

Any company should have a certification of a recommended institute to show that they are a well-managed company and that they have a good history of services. Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and CIMS Green Building are some of the institutions and standards that can be shown if any customer is asked.  Certifications can be asked for any customer before selecting the commercial cleaning services to have trust for the company which they are going handover the cleaning purposes of the company.

  • Insurance.

Making sure whether the commercial cleaning services have fully insured for the safety of the customer and the also the safety of the members of the cleaning team. This gives an effect to the company and to the facilities of the company as if any fault happens when cleaning the company the regarded conditions can apply in correcting them.

  • Availability.

Availability is an essential factor that should be considered as if the commercial cleaners are not available in the relevant time that the customer is needed there would be an issue in the trust between the customer and the company that gives the office cleaning services. So, before selecting office cleaners Melbourne you should have an idea about the blackout times in their schedule. And customer should have an idea if any service is needed on an emergency request or any issue happen suddenly which will needed in outside of regular business hours. This factor is an important factor that should be considered as these kinds of activities may happen in any company, for example parties that will pop-up suddenly.

  • Accountability.

Customer should have an idea how the cleaner would measure and track their success on the workplace. Also customer should give attention to the process of offering a formal complaint, if the customer needs to offer any idea of the services in both good and bad manner.

  • Green cleaning.

Green cleaning is a very important factor that should be considered as with the pollution that happens regularly in these days. Green thing have become a solid big thing these days that will any prominent company would consider. Check whether if the team of cleaners use green cleaning products, processes and certifications that the cleaners have. The kinds of green certifications that commercial cleaning company has received should too be considered as to meet environmental goals in your company.

  • Customized plans and programs.

In this point customer should check out whether the cleaning program carries on in a same manner where only the given tasks are done when happening the cleaning session. Ask the cleaners if they offer any add-on services that would give your workplace a new-look. These kinds of customized plans would help to get the attention of the customer.

  • Safety.

Make sure that the company is under the laws of OSHA and provides uniforms to the members of the cleaning team where they can be easily recognized. The processes and procedures for protecting confidential records and keeping doors locked should be maintained by the office cleaners by using a unique badge or with the uniform they are wearing. These should be supervised by the company, because if not customer should have to keep staff member to maintain the safety.

  1. Supplies and Equipment.

When choosing office cleaning services another prominent factor that should be considered is that the products that cleaning company uses. The customer should ask the products and equipment that the office cleaners use, to check whether they are environmentally friendly.

Above mentioned are the important factors that should be check up before choosing Commercial cleaning Services Melbourne.

We, one direction Australia always consider about the quality of the services that we provide for our customers. So we have maintained well-trained staff that the customer can basically rely on. We do all the services in a responsible manner where office cleaning port Melbourne, office clean Richmond, office cleaning services Melbourne is mostly covered. We have our services internationally identified and certified that our company has become a very demand able company in office cleaning as with the management we have. Also, we offer our services to the customers by using the environmental friendly equipment and chemicals which save the green cleaning fact.  We always make worth to each and every dollar you pay for us by offering the best services of office cleaning.  We have a maintained a positive reputation between the companies that we offer cleaning services where we add new companies in each and every week by proposing from our regular customers. Our trained team members are flexible where our customers can discuss any doubt with our team regarding the office cleaning services. We always take care of our needed matter and the customers do not have to worry about them.  We offer a range of cleaning services where all the points of dirt are cleaned.  This is also another key factor that customers choose us, one direction Australia for their office cleaning services.  Commercial cleaning in Melbourne is one of the major things that all the companies are looking for and our office cleaning services have become one of the prominent company in office cleaning as with services we have given to the workplaces, with our well-trained team members.

Commercial cleaning in Melbourne

Commercial cleaning in Australia

Commercial cleaning in Australia is a main factor that is considered in when implementing a company. One direction Australia has a well-managed process for office cleaning. For office cleaning we are well-designed and trained. New members are guided by our team before appointing them to a job. We also offer a good training program for all cleanup fields, and when the management is satisfied that the new recruits are trained, we assign them to be hired. We’re one of Melbourne’s most popular and respected trade cleaners. In Melbourne, we have the most talented and experienced team in business cleaning.

Cleaned and an atmosphere without diseases are always essential to all kinds of activities. Cleaning with advanced techniques should be carried out properly. Cleaning the places gives you a positive attitude and a long time of attraction. As the number one office cleaning company in Melbourne, we offer a cleaner atmosphere to satisfy your mind with a full range of scents and sprouts. We have all the ideas for office cleaning problems. The relevant techniques used for cleaning purposes can overcome all challenges resulting from unethical cleaning.

One Direction Australia is consisted with a well-trained working team who are specialized in residential and commercial cleaning. We have all the cleaners licensed and assured for the peaceful mind of the people who are serving us. Our goal is to complete our work in the time you gave us and to fulfill your budget. On the same day and on the same day, we give openly consultancies and recommendations for a well-cleaned work environment. We have a time schedule. We are one of the most established and trustworthy organizations with over 10 years of service.

One Direction Australia in Melbourne provides consumers with a wide variety of cleaning services. In any cleaning service that you want from us we can ensure that our employees meet your expectations. We can provide the cleaning services for our customers in the way they are requesting. Our staff will always fulfill our customers’ expectations in any kind of cleaning services.

Used techniques in office cleaning.

We do all the work in a proper management where customers will be fully satisfied with our cleaning services. All the customers in all the regions in Australia are very well satisfied with our services.  Office cleaning in Melbourne is the main region we have successfully covered and office cleaning Richmond, Office cleaning port Melbourne too have a considerable reputation for One direction Australia.

So, there are many reasons why people choose one direction. We have adopted a seven-step cleaning procedure that guarantees the maximum quality if commercial cleaning.

  1. Dust and wipe all the requested areas.

As the initial step of the cleaning process we wipe all the dirty and dust particles where it makes us easy to continue our cleaning process.

2.Collect all the rubbish.

In the second step we collect rubbish in each and every corner of the company without keeping a bit of dirty. In this step we use gloves to maintain the sanitation and safe-cleaning method, so that when the cleaning process is carried on customers do not have to keep any doubt with the cleanliness of our staff members.

3.Clean all the kitchen areas.

Kitchen areas are the places that should be kept cleaned all the time. So, we have given a prominent place to kitchen cleaning.  We take a certain time for kitchen cleaning with sanitized equipment and with strong cleaning liquids to have a germ-free atmosphere. We will clean one by one all the wash basins and even we have a particular manner to clean taps, tables and all the materials in the kitchen.

4.Vacuum all the carpets.

Another place where we mainly focus on is the carpets. Carpets are the next places that get dirty most as they are used by each and every employee in any place regularly. Carpets should be cleaned periodically to remove the collected dust in the carpets. We vacuum all carpeted areas to clean to the last bit of dirt in carpeted areas. Carpeted areas cannot be successfully cleaned if they are not vacuumed. So, we have a special time schedule to clean carpets in a day.

5.Start mopping all kitchen area and office area.

After wiping and cleaning all the areas we turn into mop the relevant places. By mopping we try to give you a new-looking workplace. We use separate colors to mop the workplace which will not affect the condition of the cleanliness of any employee. We use green mops for kitchen cleaning and blue mops for office cleaning. This will make sure that the germs will not mix up in any case specially to have germ-free atmosphere in kitchen.

6.Cleaning toilets.

As the final steps we clean all the washrooms and toilets. We have chosen these as our final steps as it is better to go to the places where a lot of germs are in, at last. We do use gloves and suitable cleaning equipment for toilet cleaning.

7.Mop all toilets change room area.

Also, we mop all the toilets and change room areas with a red mop. All the techniques we use for cleaning has overcome the doubts of our consumers as we have color code even for mops when cleaning various places.

This 7-step cleaning procedure has made us, one direction Australia and also our customers a easy task to get rid of germs and have a cleaned atmosphere. We give a value to your payment by giving the best services to you and your company with a friendly and well-trained staff that you can keep your trust on. Our staff members have won the heart of many companies in Australia with their friendliness.


We offer our services to the customer in various rates where customers can choose any kind of rate package according to their wish. We offer packages to the size of the workplace. The price of the service varies with the number of square meters in the workplace.  Number of rooms you have given to clean us is considered in ratings too.  So, you can adjust the cleaning areas that you handover to us considering you budget.

Another condition we consider in giving a price to your service is the work load you handover us to clean. There we have three packages with three price rates where you can adjust according to your wish.

Chemicals and Equipment used

We use high technical equipment for cleaning purposes. Floor machines. Vacuums, Carpet cleaners, Floor drying fans are some of the machines we use in our cleaning process. The chemicals we use in cleaning have a high effect in cleaning germs and having a cleaned atmosphere. We use cleaning liquids separately for floors, window cleaning, table cleaning and for wood cleaning. These will make sure the cleanliness of the materials separately. All the brushes and brooms are very well cleaned before using and after using.

You can rely on us that we will offer you the best service, satisfying you for the best and we will give a value to you payment. 

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning in Melbourne

Cleanliness, Neatness and disease-free environment is always a prominent factor in any kind of activity. Cleaning should be done in a proper manner with advanced techniques. Cleaning the places will give you a positive mind and an attraction to the place you stay for a long time. Here as we are the number one office cleaning service company in Melbourne, we provide you a better cleaned environment which will satisfy your mind with full of fragrance and germ-free surrounding. We have all the solutions for the challenges facing when doing office cleaning. All the challenges due to unethical cleaning can be overcome by relevant techniques that are used for cleaning purposes.

We are very well planned and trained for the office cleaning. Our team recruit new members to the company. And then we give a good training program for all the cleaning areas and when the management is satisfied with the training of the new recruits, we appoint them for the jobs. We are one of the most recognized and trusted commercial cleaning brands in Melbourne. We have the most talented experienced team in commercial cleaning industry in Melbourne.

We, one direction Australia are specialized in residential and commercial leaning with the well-trained team of work. Also, we have licensed and insured all the cleaners for the peace mind of the people who are gaining service from us. Our target is to finish our job in the time you have given to us and a satisfaction for the budget you have offered us. We have a time schedule where we give our services on the same day and time regularly where we give free consultations and advices for a well cleaned work environment. We are one of the most experienced company with a good reputation which is operating more than 10 years of service.

Provided office cleaning Services

We cover your whole workplace-cleaning by over various types of cleaning services provided. We have categorized the all the places that should be cleaned in a workplace and we use certain number of techniques to offer you the best commercial cleaning services. We do commercial cleaning with facility management, industrial cleaning and construction cleaning. We give our services to medical centers too where cleanliness is an essential matter. Our service is specialized with pressure cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and tile and grout cleaning services. Retail and shopping centers, Restaurant and pub cleaning and high-rise window cleaning are the other instances where we provide our services.

We offer personalized and professional cleaning services to suit your requirements and wishes. We offer a wide variety of choices for your workplace. Many of them include maintenance of a toilet, washing interior walls, vacuuming, clogging, stamping, cooking / cleaning spaces, elimination of waste etc. We have our core values as an organization. We believe strongly that people should do things they love. It’s not simply cleaning that we’re talking about. We are looking forward to providing top-end services to other businesses and adding value. We found that by supplying companies with high-quality cleaning services, they would open their spaces comfortably to their customers and create an outstanding atmosphere for their employees. It gives us the strength to rave the extra miles and contribute progressively to our situation, recognizing that we’re also behind the success and accomplishments of our customers. And we can’t afford the happiness and pleasure we get from this.

Qualities of our company

We have a friendly well-trained staff that you can totally rely on with 100% trustworthiness. We use safe, environmentally friendly and modern technology and strategies of commercial cleaning services where you don’t have to keep any doubt of our services. We are internationally certified company we have the internationally identification and certification where we ensure the services above and beyond. Our services are fair priced and cost effective where we make worth of every dollar you pay for our services.

We have a vast spread of our services all over Melbourne. Office cleaning Richmond, office cleaning port Melbourne, office cleaning Melbourne cbd are some of the spread-out areas we have covered.

One Division Australia is one of Melbourne Australia’s leading commercial cleaning suppliers. The awards for’ Highly recommended cleaning company’ in Australia were awarded in 2019 to One Direction Australian. It indicates that the first office of cleaning service in Melbourne is One Direction Australia. It is their main concern to provide customers with the highest and reliable service. The services One Direction Australia will provide to its customers will include Industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, building cleaning, pressure cleaning, facility management, steam carpet cleaning, etc. The core competencies of One Direction Australia in Melbourne are integrity, expertise and the production of quality values. One of the customers ‘ main concerns is to provide a worthy service for all dollars spent in this, commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne. We, one management in Australia, can assure you 100 percent that our primary concern is the highest service for our customers, and that our well-trained and highly qualified employees can meet your standards as you please.

Reasons why you should select us

As a professional cleaning agency, we always aspire to deliver the best results for our clients. We focus on the best output to our clients and customers.

We have a well-trained and experienced staff; we can adjust more quickly to the changes in our work environment by creating such a squad. Therefore, between our clients and us, it is easier to build a solid relationship. Office cleaning in Melbourne is cost-effective. Since we are the best employees, work is easier and more efficient. It allows us to give our customers the best products and services. We promise the best service for every dollar you spend. Office cleaning in Melbourne is cost-effective. Since we are the best employees, work is easier and more efficient. It allows us to give our customers the best products and services. We promise the best service for every dollar you spend.

Packages for cleaning Services.

We offer the best service to output to our customers with affordable rates. You can choose the packages as you wish and with the requirements. We have packages from $50 to $95. And the facilities would increase with the cost. We have the package of $50 to clean rest rooms, Clean kitchen, Empty Trash, Vacuum Floors, Mop hard-surfaced floors. As the second package we have $75-package which have dust horizontal surfaces, clean glass entry-doors, clean desktops tabletops and counter tops in addition to the services we provide in the first package. And the high rated package of $75 have the additional services of carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, high dusting; blind dusting and all the custom services available in the workplace.

So, we have a customer friendly rates where you can choose the package for your workplace with your essential cleaning activities.

Office Cleaning

Why do you need a professional office cleaning service?

Processes of building create unusual circumstances involving extensive cleaning. For example, during regular cleaning, dust gets into places that are usually overlooked. This might cause residents annoyance and health hazards later. Commercial cleaning contractors should be present in performing the services as with the maintenance of cleanliness is an essential factor.

Carpets tend to accumulate dust and stains during building and alteration processes. We use the best equipment in one direction to clean the tapes to look fresh and new. Office cleaners in Melbourne have the proper training to perform all the cleaning activities well mannered.

Building work is covered in dust. In some cases, even plaster and paint stains are found on the walls. In order to clean these kinds of stains without damaging the glass, special care is needed. In these situations, one-way Australia cleaning team will be encountered. We will restore the original look of your windows.

You should understand the importance of using a skilled industrial cleaning service if you are operating an industrial company. We represent a wide variety of local locations, including manufacturers, warehouses, factories, storage facilities, and refineries in almost every region in Australia. Office cleaning Richmond, office cleaning Melbourne, office cleaning port Melbourne are some of them. Whether you need assistance from industrial cleaners, or you need skilled factory cleaners who are specialized in a variety of warehouse cleaning services, we will meet your needs.

The unique industrial cleaning services that we can perform:

  • Machinery and equipment.
  • High-pressure water cleaning.
  • Tanks and vessels.
  • Ducts and exhaust.

All the staff members we have are well trained and professionals. They have all the required qualities for the relevant cleaning areas. All the members are given the necessary safety training sessions in using industrial cleaning equipment such as pressure washers.

We are proud to be able to provide a wide variety of companies with complete facilities management solutions for office cleaning in Melbourne. As office cleaning services in Melbourne from long-term facility management to day-to-day service delivery, we will work with you in a strategic partnership to ensure your buildings and facilities are secure, cost-effective, and meet your needs and expectations.

We’re going to work with you to define your needs and how we can best serve them. If the company changes, we will organize a straightforward and versatile solution that allows for changes. For office cleaning services you can directly contact us for more information.

Construction Cleaning.

With the construction get complex there are several stages in the construction too. So, we perform all the stages of construction step by step when the cleaning service is provided. Our facilities cover new residential and commercial development projects. We are highly capable of cleaning up, on time, the interior and exterior of a newly built building.

Medical Institution Cleaning.

Health and sanitization have become the main and first matter that anybody will consider when initiating a any kind of company. It is very well considered in any medical facility. We have the best cleaning system with highly developed equipment and well-organized management. This is because that medical places should be well-cleaned as the patients arriving the medical place seek for clean area in the medical facilities. These are the places where the safety and hygiene are highly considered. We have the best equipment and all of the cleaning chemicals and supplies are hospital rates for maximum effectiveness. We have spread our services all over the Australia.

Commercial Places Cleaning.

Office cleaning Melbourne has taken a main place in cleaning services. While working in a clean office space, people feel inspired and are able to think more clearly, We, provide the best office cleaning. Our trained staff are experts in maintaining a building and providing you with a feeling of health and welcome. Choosing the right office cleaning service is important to your company’s well-being. A new, fresh look is more welcoming to consumers and helps retain and raise their customer load. Deep Cleaning, Clean and Sanitize bathrooms, Trash disposal, High-dusting furniture, Cafeteria Cleaning, Break room Cleaning are some of the services we have included in our system. Office cleaning Richmond, office cleaning Melbourne cbd, office cleaning port Melbourne are in a considerably high rate in providing cleaning services with all the offers that are included above. Also, we cover the telephone cleaning and monitor cleaning tasks as there will be greasy fingerprints and crumbs in keyboards where it would give obstacles to the eyesight when working in monitors and the other mostly used device is the telephone. Telephones may be used by various people and many kinds of germs can be deposit there. So, cleaning a telephone should also be taken place regularly with a well-planned manner.

Another main area that cleaning should be maintained regularly is retail and shopping centers. Cleaning services Melbourne, office cleaners Melbourne give a vast focus on cleaning the shopping centers regularly. We offer a wide range of high-quality cleaning service for retail shopping centers. In these fields, we have extensive experience across servicing sites.  The retail and shopping center cleaning plans are designed to work behind the scenes to help ensure that your retail space is clean, the procurement of all the equipment / chemicals / insurance included in the price, with the option of including consumables, an excellent approach to health and safety, Eco-conscious working practices.

Restaurant and Pub Cleaning.

Restaurants and pub cleaning services are also included in our cleaning services. One of the many essential parts of running a successful food business is to keep your restaurant clean. And yet it’s not always easy to clean the restaurant and it’s suggested to outsource key services to a specialist who will have the required permits, insurance, equipment and training to do the job properly and also Pub can be hard to maintain and keep clean because of the many people who pass through them at night. Luckily, to keep the premises tidy and hygienic, we deliver a professional restaurant and pub cleaning. We will help make sure that it always looks great whether you own a restaurant and bar. We, our office cleaners Melbourne, have all the areas covered in restaurant and pub cleaning. Canopy Cleaning Services, 24/7 Restaurant Janitorial, Stainless Steel Equipment Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing & Waxing, Dining Area Cleaning / Sanitizing, Carpet Cleaning Services, Restaurant Commercial Cleaning, Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning, Window cleaning are the main options that we include.

High-Rise Cleaning.

If you are looking for a complete high-rise cleaning service, we are there for you. We can manage your windows 24/7, 365 days a year, crystal clear. For exterior and interior windows, we have a million things to do, keeping the windows clean is basically the final thing to do. We do as good as possible to provide our services. This is a special task that is done by a well-trained team where all the safety procedures and all building and safety code requirements are known. Commercial office cleaning Melbourne has steam cleaning system for carpet cleaning where carpets are all around a building, office or anywhere in a company. Over 75% of businesses are covered with carpet so carpet cleaning also should be done regularly too.

Professional cleaners are needed for each and every company to maintain the hygiene and the cleanliness of a company. We are always at your doorstep to give our services as you are required.

Office cleaning Melbourne

Office cleaning services

regular cleaning is extremely important for a modern office space. Cleanliness of the environment is vital for the company’s brand and client perception. This also affects the overall productivity of the company by directly influencing the health of the employees. 

Office cleaning services

One direction Australia is a leading commercial cleaning service provider in Melbourne. We provide all types of commercial cleaning services. Office cleaning is one of the areas of service that we provide. Office environment directly affects the work of the employees and the impression of the clients. That is why it is important to maintain the office space to the best hygienic standards to give a more welcoming feel. Cleanliness of the environment gives a good first impression for clients. It represents the nature of your work culture. With our experienced staff, we deliver the best cleaning service you can get. Through our 12-year journey we have provided services for establishments such as gyms, medical centers and general offices around Melbourne.

Why choose us?

Finding a reliable and experienced cleaning service is a challenge faced by many businesses. We highly value our customers and that is why we keep customer satisfaction as our priority. We are a highly trained professional cleaning service with 12 years of experience in office cleaning service. our aim is to provide a reliable and efficient service. What sets us apart from other office cleaning services in Melbourne is our expert staff. Our team is built with like minded individuals believing in the same core values and principles. Each one of our staff is checked for police clearance during the recruitment process. Regular training programs are conducted to give our team members the required skills to deliver you the best office cleaning service in Melbourne

We already provide our office cleaning services to corporate clients from St Kilda, Richmond, Melbourne CBD and many more from all around the Melbourne region. For your cleaning requirements feel free to contact us. You can obtain a free quotation from our website for office cleaning. We provide customized solutions for your specific needs. Loyal customers of one direction Australia get to enjoy special discounts.

carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaner

Cleaning carpets is not an easy task. Carpet steam cleaners are used to make this work easier. They have several advantages. They remove dirt, stains, allergens, mud and other debris from the carpet. The steam is also effective for getting rid of dust mites. The steam carpet cleaner utilizes water heated between 82-100 degrees Celsius and the steam deeply cleans the carpet.

How to use a carpet steam cleaner

  • Move away the furniture. This helps you access your carpet easily with the steam cleaner and the vacuum.
  • Remove any small items from the carpet area and put away any valuables that may fall into the carpet. This could help prevent them from being vacuumed
  • Before you use the carpet steam cleaner, you must vacuum the carpets to remove any excess debris. This allows the steam cleaner to focus on deeper stains and grime by removing the top layer of dust and crumbs. 
  • Fill the water container with hot water and some cleaning solution. Many steam cleaners come with their own bottle of detergent, but you can also use carpet shampoo or soap from the grocery store. Always follow the instructions given when using shampoo and the steam cleaner. Not following the given instructions could damage the steam cleaner as well as the carpets.
  • Figure out a way to clean the room efficiently. Use the steam cleaner in straight lines to avoid missing any parts of the carpet. Steam cleaners work slower than vacuum cleaners. So, move the cleaner in a moderate speed. Start from the furthest corner from the doorway or the entrance to the next room and work your way up.
  • After the steam cleaning process allows the carpet to dry out properly before moving in the furniture or walking on the carpets. Wear socks or cover your feet with plastic bags if you are walking on them.
  • It is best to air out the room with a fan or opening the windows and doors to let out the fumes.  

What is the best home carpet cleaner?

Carpet steam cleaners evolve with time and the advancements of technology. Buying a carpet steam cleaner is a good investment in the long run. But choosing the right kind of carpet steam cleaner is quite a challenge. Carpet steam cleaners come in various shapes and sizes. They offer various cleaning options. So, here are five of the best carpet steam cleaners in the market. When choosing a steam cleaner various factors must be considered such as the cleaning effectiveness, drying effectiveness, noise, accessories and the empty weight.

Bissel Proheat 2X lift-off pet 

This beast of a steam cleaning machine takes the best overall price. Renowned for its cleaning and drying effectiveness it can be used as deep carpet cleaner and shampooer or as a portable spot and upholstery cleaner. It has a cleaning path width of 12 inches. This cleaner comes with a 6-foot hose, spot cleaner tools and 2 Bissell shampoo formula samples.  

Bissel Proheat 2X revolution Pet Pro 

This cleaner is best for small areas. Best suited for those who need a lightweight, easy to steer machine. This cleaner can cover about 32 square feet from one tank. It comes with Express Cleaning Mode for cleaning smaller areas with lighter staining. This mode allows the carpet to dry out within one hour. The 2 in 1 pet upholstery tool removes pet hair, stains and odors from upholstery. The hose is 8 feet long. And the lightweight design allows the cleaner to be carried around even with a full tank.

Hoover power scrub Deluxe

This is the best cleaner for area rugs. This cleaner is best suited for those who are on a tight budget. With its 33 square feet range per reservoir, this machine comes with an 8-foot-long hose. The machine speeds up the drying process by heating the air. This allows the user to replace the furniture much faster. This cleaner comes with a stair tool, upholstery tool, Crevice tool and sample bottle of carpet cleaning solution.

Bissel Big Green Machine

As the name suggests, this machine is big and heavy. It is a professional level machine and is best suited for homes with large spaces that need to be cleaned often. With its huge size, comes an even larger cleaning power. This machine can remove years of grime, oil and dirt from the carpets. It can clean on both the forward pass and the backward pass. Although the machine is very noisy and bulky it makes up for that from its superior cleaning power.  It comes with a 9-foot-long hose for extra reach and two large tanks for full room cleaning. It also comes with the tough stain tool to spray and scrub extra tough spots and stains on stairs, upholstery and other soft surfaces.

Hoover Power Dash

This cleaner is the best one for those who live in apartments or condos. it has higher maneuverability\due to its smaller size.  storage is also easy due to its compact size and lightweight. this cleaner can cover 8 square feet per cycle. Heatforce power allows faster drying. although the range is not that large, it offers powerful cleaning for high traffic areas and small spaces. 

Floor cleaning Melbourne

We at one Direction Australia delivers the best floor cleaning service in Melbourne. Our cleaning staff uses the best cleaning equipment in the market to deliver you the most cost efficient and time efficient service. Our cleaning staff is highly qualified, experienced and reliable. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our cleaning crew is prepared to deliver you the best service there is.

Warehouse Floor cleaning Melbourne

One direction Australia provides the best warehouse cleaning service in Melbourne. The cleanliness of the warehouse is extremely important for the success of your business and the quality of your service.  Warehouse floor cleaning is different from the usual floor cleaning service as It includes cleaning larger areas. We at one Direction Australia has expertise and the advanced equipment needed for cleaning warehouse floors to the highest quality. 

construction cleaning

what is Construction cleaning, Lets see

Melbourne’s construction industry is one of the largest growing industries in the country. With increased construction comes the issue of construction waste. Construction cleaning deals with various aspects of cleaning work that is needed with the construction process. During various stages of the construction, different types of cleaning requirements arise.

Construction cleaning is not the same as regular cleaning, there is usually a larger quantity of trash and material that are hazardous. That is why you need specialist assistance for industrial cleaning. Our team of professional cleaning staff can ensure that a building is 100% clean and ready for occupancy. By Removing all dust residue and trash we offer high quality service for best value while adhering to strict quality standards. Our service extends to all the Melbourne suburbs 

Why do you need a professional construction cleaning service? 

construction processes generate unique situations that require specialized cleaning. For an example dust gets into places that are usually overlooked during normal cleaning. This could later cause inconveniences and health hazards for the residents. 

During construction and modification process carpets tend to accumulate dust and stains. We at one Direction Australia uses the best equipment to clean the carpets to look fresh and new. 

Construction work gets Windows covered in dust. In some instances, even plaster and paint stains get on windows. special care is needed to clean these kinds of stains without damaging the glass. One direction Australia cleaning team is experienced in these cases. We can return your windows to their original look.

Walls are another part that is greatly affected during the construction process. Plaster stains, dust, and smudges are very common on walls. Getting these cleaned is quite a challenge and takes a lot of time. Our team is well equipped to tackle this challenge with our years of experience and specialized equipment. Walls are completely washed to prepare it for painting. 

floors get various types of stains from paint, glue and plaster. We vacuum and mop all floor surfaces to remove these stains. Skirtings easily accumulate dust and it requires special attention while cleaning.  Tiled surfaces usually have stains and grout residue after a construction process. We deep clean all tiled surfaces and remove all grout residue and dust.

Large quantities of rubble and waste gets collected from construction work. Disposing of this waste can requires professional assistance.  We at one Direction Australia offers you the service of disposing of construction waste properly.

What is post construction cleaning

When we talk about post construction cleaning this applies to new buildings and renovation cleaning requirements. We categorize our services into the following groups according to the nature of the cleaning.

Rough interior cleaning

This is basically the preparation cleaning process. This cleaning process is done before any of carpets, floor coverings and final fitouts are done. Having a dirty environment during the installation of above-mentioned components can cause damage to them. This cleaning process ensures that the final install is clean and secure.  This cleaning includes the following;

  • Sweeping and prepping the floor
  • Washing interior windows
  • Dusting surfaces

Final interior cleaning

After the final components of the building are installed, a more thorough cleaning is conducted. Each room has a unique cleaning process depending on the nature of the room.

Final exterior cleaning 

the exterior of a building is generally the messiest part after a construction or renovation. This cleaning process prepares it for the final construction stages such as landscaping and paving jobs by getting rid of the accumulated trash. This cleaning stage includes:

  • Removing all waste from the property
  • Washing exterior doors and windows
  • Sweeping/ power washing driveway and paved surfaces.

Our Building cleaning is perfect for,


If you are building a new home or looking for renovations, we are the perfect cleaning solution. You will get the highest quality service for the best possible price.

Construction companies and builders

with our experienced staff looking after the cleaning process you can rest easy while saving money and time.

Property developers

If you are selling a property, we will make sure you get the best price from the sale by cleaning to the highest standards.

Why you should choose us,

Finding a reliable and experienced cleaning service is a challenge faced by many businesses. We highly value our customers and that is why we keep customer satisfaction as our priority. We are a highly trained professional cleaning service with 12 years of experience in construction cleaning service. our aim is to provide a reliable and efficient service. Our team built with like minded individuals believing in the same core values and principles. Each one of our staff is checked for police clearance during the recruitment process. Due to dangers associated with the process of construction cleaning, training programs are conducted to give our team members the required skills and educate them on safety procedures to deliver you the best construction cleaning service in Melbourne.

Pricing for post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning requirements are different from client to client. Many provide unique challenges that require custom made solutions. You can get a free quotation through our website or call us to get more information.

high rise window cleaning

High rise window cleaning Melbourne

Windows are the first thing someone notices in a building.  Cleaning these windows are very important for the appearance of the buildings. Badly cleaned windows block out natural light. Windows usually become dull after some time due to contaminants such as oxidation, hard minerals, acid rain and dust. This makes the interior of the building appear dark. Regular cleaning is essential as it removes the contaminants that are stuck on the glass preventing natural light from entering inside. The dust and dirt that settles on these windows make the windows dull and increase the growth of allergens that can cause allergic reactions, skin and respiratory problems. Regularly cleaning the windows improve the appearance of the building and improves the health of the residents.

Cleaning windows from inside the building is easy. The hard part is cleaning them from the outside. High rise window cleaning is an extremely dangerous job. This requires special equipment and skilled personnel. 

We at one Direction Australia specializes in all types of high-rise windows. We can keep your windows clean and clear throughout the year. Our team of expert cleaners are well trained and uses specialized equipment to deliver you the best and the most cost-effective service possible.

Our company has always taken pride in our excellent customer satisfaction. With 12 years of experience in the field we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We understand the different requirements of our customers and provide solutions accordingly. 

Our greatest strength is our expert cleaning team.  They are extremely professional and possess experience of maintaining even the most difficult buildings in the most efficient manner. During the cleaning process, the most extensive safety procedures are followed.

Window cleaning for your need

  • Retail stores
  • General stores
  • Factories
  • Medical offices
  • Multi-story building
  • Medical offices
  • Churches and Religious buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • All Types of Buildings