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Commercial cleaning in Melbourne

Commercial cleaning in Australia

Commercial cleaning in Australia is a main factor that is considered in when implementing a company. One direction Australia has a well-managed process for office cleaning. For office cleaning we are well-designed and trained. New members are guided by our team before appointing them to a job. We also offer a good training program for all cleanup fields, and when the management is satisfied that the new recruits are trained, we assign them to be hired. We’re one of Melbourne’s most popular and respected trade cleaners. In Melbourne, we have the most talented and experienced team in business cleaning.

Cleaned and an atmosphere without diseases are always essential to all kinds of activities. Cleaning with advanced techniques should be carried out properly. Cleaning the places gives you a positive attitude and a long time of attraction. As the number one office cleaning company in Melbourne, we offer a cleaner atmosphere to satisfy your mind with a full range of scents and sprouts. We have all the ideas for office cleaning problems. The relevant techniques used for cleaning purposes can overcome all challenges resulting from unethical cleaning.

One Direction Australia is consisted with a well-trained working team who are specialized in residential and commercial cleaning. We have all the cleaners licensed and assured for the peaceful mind of the people who are serving us. Our goal is to complete our work in the time you gave us and to fulfill your budget. On the same day and on the same day, we give openly consultancies and recommendations for a well-cleaned work environment. We have a time schedule. We are one of the most established and trustworthy organizations with over 10 years of service.

One Direction Australia in Melbourne provides consumers with a wide variety of cleaning services. In any cleaning service that you want from us we can ensure that our employees meet your expectations. We can provide the cleaning services for our customers in the way they are requesting. Our staff will always fulfill our customers’ expectations in any kind of cleaning services.

Used techniques in office cleaning.

We do all the work in a proper management where customers will be fully satisfied with our cleaning services. All the customers in all the regions in Australia are very well satisfied with our services.  Office cleaning in Melbourne is the main region we have successfully covered and office cleaning Richmond, Office cleaning port Melbourne too have a considerable reputation for One direction Australia.

So, there are many reasons why people choose one direction. We have adopted a seven-step cleaning procedure that guarantees the maximum quality if commercial cleaning.

  1. Dust and wipe all the requested areas.

As the initial step of the cleaning process we wipe all the dirty and dust particles where it makes us easy to continue our cleaning process.

2.Collect all the rubbish.

In the second step we collect rubbish in each and every corner of the company without keeping a bit of dirty. In this step we use gloves to maintain the sanitation and safe-cleaning method, so that when the cleaning process is carried on customers do not have to keep any doubt with the cleanliness of our staff members.

3.Clean all the kitchen areas.

Kitchen areas are the places that should be kept cleaned all the time. So, we have given a prominent place to kitchen cleaning.  We take a certain time for kitchen cleaning with sanitized equipment and with strong cleaning liquids to have a germ-free atmosphere. We will clean one by one all the wash basins and even we have a particular manner to clean taps, tables and all the materials in the kitchen.

4.Vacuum all the carpets.

Another place where we mainly focus on is the carpets. Carpets are the next places that get dirty most as they are used by each and every employee in any place regularly. Carpets should be cleaned periodically to remove the collected dust in the carpets. We vacuum all carpeted areas to clean to the last bit of dirt in carpeted areas. Carpeted areas cannot be successfully cleaned if they are not vacuumed. So, we have a special time schedule to clean carpets in a day.

5.Start mopping all kitchen area and office area.

After wiping and cleaning all the areas we turn into mop the relevant places. By mopping we try to give you a new-looking workplace. We use separate colors to mop the workplace which will not affect the condition of the cleanliness of any employee. We use green mops for kitchen cleaning and blue mops for office cleaning. This will make sure that the germs will not mix up in any case specially to have germ-free atmosphere in kitchen.

6.Cleaning toilets.

As the final steps we clean all the washrooms and toilets. We have chosen these as our final steps as it is better to go to the places where a lot of germs are in, at last. We do use gloves and suitable cleaning equipment for toilet cleaning.

7.Mop all toilets change room area.

Also, we mop all the toilets and change room areas with a red mop. All the techniques we use for cleaning has overcome the doubts of our consumers as we have color code even for mops when cleaning various places.

This 7-step cleaning procedure has made us, one direction Australia and also our customers a easy task to get rid of germs and have a cleaned atmosphere. We give a value to your payment by giving the best services to you and your company with a friendly and well-trained staff that you can keep your trust on. Our staff members have won the heart of many companies in Australia with their friendliness.


We offer our services to the customer in various rates where customers can choose any kind of rate package according to their wish. We offer packages to the size of the workplace. The price of the service varies with the number of square meters in the workplace.  Number of rooms you have given to clean us is considered in ratings too.  So, you can adjust the cleaning areas that you handover to us considering you budget.

Another condition we consider in giving a price to your service is the work load you handover us to clean. There we have three packages with three price rates where you can adjust according to your wish.

Chemicals and Equipment used

We use high technical equipment for cleaning purposes. Floor machines. Vacuums, Carpet cleaners, Floor drying fans are some of the machines we use in our cleaning process. The chemicals we use in cleaning have a high effect in cleaning germs and having a cleaned atmosphere. We use cleaning liquids separately for floors, window cleaning, table cleaning and for wood cleaning. These will make sure the cleanliness of the materials separately. All the brushes and brooms are very well cleaned before using and after using.

You can rely on us that we will offer you the best service, satisfying you for the best and we will give a value to you payment. 

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