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cleaning was never so easy!

We at ONE DIRECTION commercial cleaning services offer you a high end and 100% customer friendly cleaning service, hand in hand with the best and experienced staff and most reliable commercial cleaning equipment to provide you your best customer satisfaction.

We can assure you that all our services are completely trustworthy and performed by the skilled trained staff of ours, so let’s find out how your commercial cleaning experience with us could be different from any other.

Our journey so far?

ONE DIRECTION has won its place as one of the best commercial cleaning services over the time because we have been specializing in commercial and industrial cleaning since 2007 with our qualified staff and most up to date technology. Nawoda Hewamalavige, the director of ONE DIRECTION has several years of experience in finance and business industry and ensures that ONE DIRECTION provides best commercial cleaning experience you are ever going to have.

People choose ONE DIRECTION for several reasons. Let’s see why!

  • Friendly and well trained staff that you can totally rely on
  • Safe, environmental friendly and modern technology and strategies of commercial cleaning that we use
  • Our wide area of service and expertise
  • Our services are internationally identified and certified to ensure you service above and beyond
  • We make worth of every dollar you pay and our services are fair priced and cost effective.

Friendly and well trained staff that you can totally rely on

We ensure you that at ONE DIRECTION commercial cleaning services, our service is provided to you in the hands of the most experienced. We only employ direct staff and do not sub contract, so we can completely guarantee the individuals we hire to serve you at a personal level dedication. We also make sure that all our staff are well paid and all their employee privileges are highly respected and taken care of. In addition, we continue to obtain regular feedback from our clients to make frequent improvements in our commercial cleaning process.

About our staff?

  • Our employees are trained on occupational health and safety
  • All staff have undergone compulsory training which includes set of key training competencies on the job, where number of tasks will be tested, followed by a written/multiple choice section that will be based around knowledge of the WHS manual, policies and safe work methods.
  • All staff have current police checks and working with children cards
  • Work is always conducted under the supervision of site managers, avoiding any chance for a mistake.
  • Special detailing on site every three months with no additional cost to maintain site’s quality and standard.

Our staff is always ready to offer you a personalized and exceptional commercial cleaning experience, so that cleaning becomes the least of your daily worries.

Safe, environmental friendly and modern technology and strategies of commercial cleaning that we use

We at ONE DIRECTION, care for the safety of the environment we all live in as much as for yours. It is also one of the reasons why our commercial cleaning strategies are mastered in a way that cause minimum harm on the environment and try our best to give you a safe and sound commercial cleaning experience.

We have been using our own product range for many years now. We have found that though slightly expensive, to use only the best commercial cleaning products which are more effective and fragrant. 1DA range of products have won our trust with years of experience, which are also designed to minimize the impact on environment. The products of this range are highly concentrated and quality approved, hence providing maximum efficiency, thus saving labor hours and energy use.

We have also adopted a seven step cleaning procedure that guarantee the maximum quality of commercial cleaning.

  • Dust and wipe all requested areas
  • Collect the rubbish (change gloves)
  • Clean all kitchen area
  • Vacuum all carpeted area
  • Start mopping all kitchen are and office area (Kitchen-green mop & office-blue mop)
  • Cleaning toilets (then, remove gloves) and change rooms
  • Mop all toilets and change room area (red mop)

Our wide area of service and expertise

Let’s get an answer to this specific question. What is commercial cleaning and what does it include?

Commercial cleaning is a competitive industry where cleaning services are implemented at a commercial standard using a variety of advanced cleaning techniques, products/chemicals and modern equipment to facilitate the cleaning process.

ONE DIRECTION is successfully taking up the challenge to compete with other commercial cleaning businesses to reach out and serve our customers beyond the usual and ordinary. Our service expansion has spread over many levels of clients and customers, as result of our consistency and frequent improvement.

Our broad range of commercial cleaning expertise is provided to many sectors in unique, attentive methods. Let’s find out how.

Domestic cleaning

The time spent worrying over how to clean your household will be over if you let ONE DIRECTION step in.We have trustworthy and reliable staff to focus on your private space according to your expectations, whilst protecting your privacy and family’s safety.

Our domestic cleaning procedures include the following attentions, addressing your requirements.

Window cleaning services

In order to give your space that clean sparkle, we at ONE DIRECTION commercial cleaning services have a professional residential window cleaning service to save you from all the exhaustion.

Tile and grout cleaning

With a combination of specialized commercial cleaning chemicals and advanced technological methods, like high pressure cleaning equipment, Our service expands from small homes right up to large commercial premises like restaurants, hotels etc. while we do what we just love to create hygienic and good to live environments in Melbourne. Many people have the question, “How much does a commercial cleaning service charge?”. And we assure you, the bigger the area, the cheaper it gets.

Carpet steam cleaning

There is no other burden like a dusted, too heavy to clean carpet anywhere. We have the expertise and technology to take that burden off you in no time. We use up to 90% less moisture than standard steam cleaning services and our advanced commercial carpet cleaning methods will uniformly clean and dry your troublesome dirty carpets to fresher looking ones.

High pressure cleaning

Our specialized commercial high pressure cleaning systems have been successfully made use of at hundreds of factory, warehouse and house exteriors across Melbourne and Victoria. We make sure to remove all those unwanted, but hard to remove stains off any sensitive area and bring it back to life

Our services are internationally identified and certified to ensure you service above and beyond

  • BSCAA certificate for membership

BSCAA stands for Business Service Contractors Association of Australia which encompasses all businesses involved in contract commercial cleaning, security, facility management, ground maintenance and related services. As the highest-level body for the industry, it provides important advice and guidance to government and non-government bodies alike. This organization was chartered as in 1964 as a mutual, non-profit organization and now they provide a conducive environment to enable member companies to be secure, profitable and good corporate citizens.So,as per this certificate received from BSCAA, ONE DIRECTION AUSTRALIA has been a member of BSCAA within Jan 2019-December 2019.

  • Australian Achiever awards

This award measures, recognizes and rewards the success of your customer service delivery. Their measurement depends entirely on customer service issues and customer service ratings which are obtained in an unbiased way. There are so many award categories that falls under this reward and ONE DIRECTION received the high recommendation in commercial cleaning, maintenance services and supplies for excellence in customer relations in 2019.

  • Business Systems Certification (BSC)-work health and safety management

BSC is an ISO certification body, which provides ISO and AS/NZS management systems, and other Management System Standards certification and third party auditing services to companies nationally and internationally, currently Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Their mission is to offer cost effective management systems certification services to our Clients. The Business systems certification for work health and safety management is to assure that the “on the job” risks and accidents are minimized and employee health and safety is guaranteed, so that human lives may not be affected during work and working time lost will be reduced along with burden placed on social systems for treatment and disability payments. Work health safety is thoroughly the management’s responsibility. Standards accredited by JAS-ANZ are as follows.

#ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

#BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

#AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

In 2018 ONE DIRECTION was awarded with BS OHSAS 18001:2007, which is valid until 2021.And in 2018 ONE DIRECTION was also awarded the AS/NZS 4801:2001 accreditation.

  • Business Systems Certification (BSC)-Quality Management

This certification focuses on maintaining the quality of tasks for improvement of products, processes and performances. This helps to provide 100% satisfaction to customers, suppliers or other interested parties. This also supports to enhance the pure work value, hence reducing unnecessary costs, while we meet our targets and invest in continual growth as a business. The accreditation for this certification is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.ONE DIRECTION was awarded the certification in 2018.

  • Business Systems Certification (BSC)-Environmental Management

This certification targets the responsibility taken by business organizations to ensure the quality and protection of environment through their operational environmental strategies. Prevention of risks, in accordance with legal and other requirements, as well as improved environmental awareness among employees is highly taken in to consideration. With a certification like this a company’s image also will be upgraded since the customers and other partners are made sure that the company processes do not make a harmful impact on nature’s balance. The accreditations offered by BSC are,

#ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
#ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ONE DIRECTION was awarded the accreditation of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System in 2018.

ONE DIRECTION does not only target to create a clean, good looking environment but also a hygienic and ideal for living space. We have developed our unique germ spread control system and maintain color codes for each areas depending on their cleaning requirements.

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