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How to give a Fresh-look to a place by commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning has become a major point in industry as with the rise of number of people who work in a place and also the customers too. So, the dust, dirt can be increased, and the fragrance of the workplace would be changed and give a bad smell with the garbage and the sweat of the people the place moves on with. So, every commercial area is subjected to the possibility of an offensive aroma like any common area where people spend a significant amount of their day. But do not despair. But do not despair. You, your office cleaners, can do a lot to keep your office smelling and fresh and your team happy and productive.

How to keep the place smelling fresh.

  1. Keeping the washrooms and Kitchen clean.

When commercial office cleaners are employed, ensure that your cleaning service schedule includes the periodic, deep cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms. This not only guarantees the right level of workplace hygiene, but also helps avoid the kind of offensive odors these areas are likely to suffer. Putting in the bathroom a little scented candle and putting in the kitchen a bowl of vinegar and bi-card soda will also help to keep smells low. Fragrance pays a major role in cleaning, though the place is well-cleaned if a bad odor occurs, that does not satisfy the cleanliness of the area. So, commercial cleaners should focus on the fragrance too.

2. Keep the place clean.

In order to improve your office’s smell, you need to ensure that your workplaces are clean and that the containers are free of bad scent. There should be some sort of rules to restrict food and drink waste, particularly in kitchen containers and a break room, to just one or two bins. Encourage employees to get their jobs cleaned up weekly by allowing 15-30 minutes a week just for this task. Above all, make sure you empty all office bins daily with your commercial office cleaners.

3. Carpets should be cleaned regularly.

Office floors should be cleaned in every workplace daily, but you should also include regular professional carpet cleaning in your professional office cleaning schedule. This reduces potential odors caused by spills and blemishes. If the carpet gives a bad odor in the meantime before or after the proper cleaning time, sprinkle the area in baking soda and leave it as long as possible like overnight and then vacuum in the morning. This helps to neutralize smells. Let your office cleaner know the problem area so they can take care of it. Commercial cleaning contractors Melbourne should focus on these points to make sure the commercial cleaning process is done properly.

4. Allowing proper ventilation come in.

Opening windows to allow fresh air is an excellent way to remove existing odors from your commercial area and prevent new ones. Your workplace will also naturally refresh its smell with the placement of fresh flowers and plants and citrus fruits in the kitchen and in the break-areas. Also important for improved air quality are indoor plants and air purifiers. Opening up the windows and doors even once in a while will give positive effect to the fragrance of the workplace.

5. Choose commercial cleaning professionals.

Devote your best protection against offensive office odors with skilled and experienced expert office cleaning contractors. Quality commercial cleaners will design a cleaning service schedule to help your office keep clean, tidy, safe and smelling, ticks all the boxes for daily and regular deep cleaning. Managing all the cleaning activities in a proper manner will not allow you to miss the work activities and will help to give a completed cleaning process.

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Places where dust can be collected more.

Every commercial area has some places where the dirt can be collected in a high rate. The first impression of an office area is strongly based on its level of cleanliness and hygiene. A workplace is the breeding ground for germs and dirt with various employees and clients. In their offices many business owners avoid deep cleaning, because they accept sparkling floors and clean windows. It should be noted that bright floors and tablecloths do not mean no germs. Cleaning of the canteen area and washrooms is also involved in workplace hygiene.

The productivity of employees also has a positive effect on clean workspace. Melbourne commercial cleaning companies should keep an eye in these places, so that the cleaning can be done whenever necessary. The best way to keep your workspace clean and tidy is to hire professionals for office cleaning in Melbourne. The cleaning process is consistent with commercial cleaners, but also ensures the use of the correct cleaning equipment and products. In an office there are many other spots, besides the canteen area and toilets, which require regular and efficient cleaning. The next lesser known places are not only hard to clean but are also easily missed.  Following are some places where dirt will be attracted maximumly.

  1. Telephones and communications equipment used regularly.

Any workplace has many telephones and many people manage these devices. Make sure your telephones are regularly cleaned. The failure to clean phones can cause infections to spread. Furthermore, behind computers and window shelves also a lot of dust can be collected. If you notice dust in the areas indicated, then the time is right for you to hire cleaners. So, you should not wait until you see the collected heap of dust, you should inform your commercial cleaners to have a proper schedule to clean these places before the dust get collected.

2. Glass door and windows.

Windows cleaning is generally part of every cleaning routine of any commercial area. The cleaning of a glass door requires more than just disinfecting marks and spots. The purification of the door handles is also a matter of glass door cleaning as germs accumulate in frequent use. Make sure the cleaners you hire regularly disinfect your door and glass door handles. Cleaning the glass doors’ handles will prevent the spread of germs.

3. Around Photocopy machines.

Many people use the photocopy machine daily and this makes it a breeding ground for germs. Often employees carry their coffee mugs to the photocopy machines which will allow the germs to get collected very easily. Where there is food and drink, the rate of germs gets collected may become increased.

When hiring commercial cleaning contractors, you have to check the feedbacks given by the previous customers and check specifically whether the commercial cleaners have focused on theses places where the dust can be collected more.

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