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pub cleaning

Pub cleaning

Keeping your pub clean and spotless is no easy task. Having a crowded night is very good for the business. But cleaning after such a night could be a real nightmare.  Alcohol spills, broken bottles dirty carpets, clogged toilets and the list goes on. Whether it’s a pub, bar or a nightclub a crowded night is a messy night. Having regular staff to clean the mess may not be the best option as they already have a lot on their plate. 

Restaurant cleaning

Keeping the kitchen clean, safe and fully compliant with all industry regulations is extremely important for a restaurant. And it is also one of the biggest challenges of running a restaurant. These factors affect the safety of the clients as well as the employees. Clean kitchens help keep the food clean. Unclean kitchens are the perfect breeding grounds for various pests. There is another hidden danger in these unclean kitchens. As these kitchens usually have layers of grease and dust on floors and walls, this could easily ignite a fire when exposed to the high temperatures of the kitchen. This is another reason why restaurant kitchens need to be thoroughly cleaned

One direction Australia offers commercial kitchen cleaning services around Melbourne. Whether it is a floor scrubbing or cleaning the kitchen tables we take great care to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in the kitchen. A regular kitchen staff team can perform several cleaning tasks during their day shift. Properly using and sorting kitchen utensils and disposing of food scraps and debris can be done during the day shift. But there are some special cleaning tasks that cannot be done during open hours as they require specialized equipment and takes time.  These special tasks include;

  • Cleaning and polishing of floors
  • Cleaning and polishing of stainless steel
  • Cleaning hot line equipment such as grills, ovens and fryers  
  • Cleaning external hoods and filters

Why are professional cleaners necessary?

If you are a restaurant or a pub owner, you know that the regular staff is usually busy with too many tasks. Adding cleaning to that list of work could seriously affect the daily business of the establishment. That’s where we come in.  one direction Australia comes with more than 12 years’ experience in the field of bar and restaurant cleaning. So, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about keeping a place clean. One direction Melbourne offers services such as,

  • Janitorial services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning

Toilets are usually the dirtiest places in a pub or a restaurant. Therefore they need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to be hygienic, odor-free and clean. Cleaning toilets could take hours and still may not be properly done when inexperienced workers do it. That is why you need our professional janitorial services. Our experienced cleaners can clean a toilet quickly and properly from top to bottom. This improves the customer experience and ensures that your business is presented in the best way possible.

Carpets accumulate dirt very easily. This dirt needs to be removed regularly to maintain the appearance of the place. this is same with the windows. They need to be cleaned regularly and properly. Unclean windows will block out light to make the place look dingy. Without the use of proper equipment, cleaning windows and carpets will take a lot of time and effort. But even the latest equipment is useless without experienced people to use them. 

One direction Australia takes pride in our expert cleaning crew and our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. They allow us to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our cleaning crew members are friendly and professional. As our services are available 24/7, no hour is too late for us. 

Why choose us?

Finding a reliable and experienced cleaning service is a challenge faced by many businesses. We highly value our customers and that is why we keep customer satisfaction as our priority. We are a highly trained professional cleaning service with 12 years of experience in bar and restaurant cleaning service. our aim is to provide a reliable and efficient service. Our team is built with like minded individuals believing in the same core values and principles. Each one of our staff is checked for police clearance during the recruitment process. Regular training programs are conducted to give our team members the required skills to deliver you the best cleaning service in Melbourne

For your cleaning requirements feel free to contact us. You can obtain a free quotation from our web site for bar cleaning and restaurant cleaning. We provide customized solutions for your specific needs. Loyal customers of one direction Australia get to enjoy special discounts. 

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