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Office Cleaning Melbourne | Keep Your Office Space Clean and Tidy for Your Business

There are so many benefits to keeping a well maintained, clean office space. Not only does it encourage productivity, reduce stress and distraction, but it will ensure that you present your business’ best image to current and prospective clients.

One Direction Australia provides the best office cleaning services in Melbourne. Our well-trained staff are experienced when it comes to office maintenance, helping you to keep your spaces hygienic and welcoming.

Our office cleaning service includes:

Deep Cleaning
Clean and Sanitize bathrooms
Trash disposal
High-dusting furniture
Cafeteria Cleaning
Break room Cleaning

Some particular details we like to focus on are:

  • Telephones & Monitor Cleaning: Greasy fingerprints and crumbs in the keyboards. It can be unhygienic and unsightly.
  • Office Cleaning (Vacuuming, Dusting): Offices of all sizes rely on The Cleaner to handle their cleaning needs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

We offer 100% customer satisfaction with all our clients. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Office Cleaning Service Key Features

We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

Specialised services, customised to your needs
High performance cleaning chemicals
Trustworthy, reliable and timely cleaning services
We supply all cleaning equipment and solutions
7 step cleaning procedure
We use our own quality cleaning chemicals and equipment
We use colour coding system New Auditing system – I Audit

Professional Cleaning Team at Work

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    Office Cleaning is an essential service in the business context. With high competition amongst neighbouring businesses, it is critical to maintain cleanliness to present professionalism and organisation to prospective clients.

    Due to the high volume of people entering the office space on a daily basis, it is also essential to ensure that hygiene is maintained on a daily basis. Cleaning Services are key to performing such maintenance in a professional and systematic manner.

    In Melbourne, commercial office cleaning services are used widely amongst businesses for convenience and peace of mind. Outsourcing your cleaning duties to professionals such as One Direction Australia will enable you to focus on what’s important on your to do list.

    Why is it important to hire professional Office Cleaning Service providers?

    • A study published by Harvard University explained that untidy and uncleanliness of the workplace will directly affect your day to day performances and reduce the effectiveness.
    • Unhygienic workplace can lead to an increase in the number of worker sick leaves.
    • Enhance the attractiveness of your workplace by maintaining it in a very ordered and clean way. Not only your customers but also employees will be motivated to enroll with your company.
    • Professional Cleaners will always use the ideal equipment, technologies, techniques and chemicals to clean. They will be keen to minimize the hazardous chemicals and will use environmentally friendly chemicals. This will ensure the working environment is very safe even when it is cleaning.

    There are many benefits to office cleaning services to your company:

    • Attractive and presentable-looking environment
    • Dust and dirt-free workplace. Keeping employees safe from illnesses due to dust and bacteria will be essential for your productivity
    • A pleasant environment will encourage the employees to perform at their best

    We as an award-winning cleaning service provider will assure you the best services.

    We offer a wide range of office cleaning services such as:

    • Deep Cleaning
    • Clean and Sanitize bathrooms
    • Trash disposal
    • High-dusting furniture
    • Cafeteria Cleaning
    • Break room Cleaning

    We know how important precious time is for you. We offer our excellent service to you at any time, day or night. Completing work efficiently and effectively for your convenience is our utmost priority.

    Our services are always catered to specific customer needs. Our skilled staff are highly trained, have attention to detail and are determined to make your office look bright and shiny for your next business day.

    We expect the use of special equipment, chemicals and modern cleaning technology will fulfil your expectations. Proper handling and maintaining is something that we excel in- which is why we’re one of Melbourne’s best!

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      At One Direction Australia, we strive towards 100% satisfaction for our clients. Our highly qualified staff work flexibly and efficiently to suit your needs no matter what industry.

      • Over 10 years of professional experience
      • Strive for long term relationships, to provide you consistent and convenient service
      • Competitive rates to suit your budget needs
      • 24/7 Service available to get the job done most conveniently
      • Awarded No.1 in 2019 for the Australian Achievers award for our great service and customer focus
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      The AUSTRALIAN ACHIEVER AWARDS measure, recognise and reward Australian businesses for their customer service. Since 1998, their process has successfully helped businesses across Australia to measure and improve their customer service focus. 

      In 2021 we were fortunate to win the award for ‘Highly Recommended Cleaning Company’ in Australia. We are truly humbled by this achievement and the trust that our clients have for us. We are dedicated to provide the best customer service and care for our clients in the future.

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