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What is Construction Cleaning? Let’s Find Out!

Melbourne’s construction industry is one of the largest growing industries in the country. With increased construction comes the issue of construction waste. Construction cleaning deals with various aspects of cleaning work that is needed with the construction process. During various stages of the construction, different types of cleaning requirements arise.

Construction cleaning is not the same as regular cleaning, there is usually a larger quantity of trash and material that are hazardous. That is why you need specialist assistance for industrial cleaning. Our team of professional cleaning staff can ensure that a building is 100% clean and ready for occupancy. By Removing all dust residue and trash we offer high quality service for best value while adhering to strict quality standards. Our service extends to all the Melbourne suburbs 

Why do you need a professional construction cleaning service? 

construction processes generate unique situations that require specialized cleaning. For an example dust gets into places that are usually overlooked during normal cleaning. This could later cause inconveniences and health hazards for the residents. 

During construction and modification process carpets tend to accumulate dust and stains. We at one Direction Australia uses the best equipment to clean the carpets to look fresh and new. 

Construction work gets Windows covered in dust. In some instances, even plaster and paint stains get on windows. special care is needed to clean these kinds of stains without damaging the glass. One direction Australia cleaning team is experienced in these cases. We can return your windows to their original look.

Walls are another part that is greatly affected during the construction process. Plaster stains, dust, and smudges are very common on walls. Getting these cleaned is quite a challenge and takes a lot of time. Our team is well equipped to tackle this challenge with our years of experience and specialized equipment. Walls are completely washed to prepare it for painting. 

floors get various types of stains from paint, glue and plaster. We vacuum and mop all floor surfaces to remove these stains. Skirtings easily accumulate dust and it requires special attention while cleaning.  Tiled surfaces usually have stains and grout residue after a construction process. We deep clean all tiled surfaces and remove all grout residue and dust.

Large quantities of rubble and waste gets collected from construction work. Disposing of this waste can requires professional assistance.  We at one Direction Australia offers you the service of disposing of construction waste properly.

What is post construction cleaning

When we talk about post construction cleaning this applies to new buildings and renovation cleaning requirements. We categorize our services into the following groups according to the nature of the cleaning.

Rough interior cleaning

This is basically the preparation cleaning process. This cleaning process is done before any of carpets, floor coverings and final fitouts are done. Having a dirty environment during the installation of above-mentioned components can cause damage to them. This cleaning process ensures that the final install is clean and secure.  This cleaning includes the following;

  • Sweeping and prepping the floor
  • Washing interior windows
  • Dusting surfaces

Final interior cleaning

After the final components of the building are installed, a more thorough cleaning is conducted. Each room has a unique cleaning process depending on the nature of the room.

Final exterior cleaning 

the exterior of a building is generally the messiest part after a construction or renovation. This cleaning process prepares it for the final construction stages such as landscaping and paving jobs by getting rid of the accumulated trash. This cleaning stage includes:

  • Removing all waste from the property
  • Washing exterior doors and windows
  • Sweeping/ power washing driveway and paved surfaces.

Our Building cleaning is perfect for,


If you are building a new home or looking for renovations, we are the perfect cleaning solution. You will get the highest quality service for the best possible price.

Construction companies and builders

with our experienced staff looking after the cleaning process you can rest easy while saving money and time.

Property developers

If you are selling a property, we will make sure you get the best price from the sale by cleaning to the highest standards.

Why you should choose us,

Finding a reliable and experienced cleaning service is a challenge faced by many businesses. We highly value our customers and that is why we keep customer satisfaction as our priority. We are a highly trained professional cleaning service with 12 years of experience in construction cleaning service. our aim is to provide a reliable and efficient service. Our team built with like minded individuals believing in the same core values and principles. Each one of our staff is checked for police clearance during the recruitment process. Due to dangers associated with the process of construction cleaning, training programs are conducted to give our team members the required skills and educate them on safety procedures to deliver you the best construction cleaning service in Melbourne.

Pricing for post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning requirements are different from client to client. Many provide unique challenges that require custom made solutions. You can get a free quotation through our website or call us to get more information.

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