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What is Construction Cleaning? Lets See

It is obvious that you invest a lot for construction. Once all the work in the construction phase is done, the next most important part is Construction Cleaning. What is exactly Construction Cleaning? In simple terms, it is eliminating the wastes from the construction site, arranging, cleaning and finalizing the finishing stage of a complete Construction . This is not an ordinary way of cleaning, it comprises heavy lifting, ladder climbing, and debris removing at larger scales. Construction Cleaning consists of special equipment, newer technology chemicals, and trained labor as well.

Cleaning windows both from inside and outside, window sticker removing and appliances, all surfaces dusting and washing, walls, ceiling dusting and washing, vacuuming all surfaces, hauling away the remainder of the construction debris, polishing all surfaces such as glass, marble, tile, etc are few of the major activities that are commonly conducted in Construction Cleaning. We can categories the Construction Cleaning into two stages

  1. Pre Construction Cleaning
  2. Post Construction Cleaning

Pre – Construction Cleaning

This is the stage where cleaning happening while there are ongoing constructions. It provides a safer environment for workers. Not only that but also the construction process will be more efficient.

Post – Construction Cleaning

This is the stage where the cleaning will happen after the construction process. It is critically important to make sure you have a complete and cleaner construction site after all the construction processes.

Construction Cleaning in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the cities which have plenty of Constructions going around. Construction Cleaning in Melbourne is widely spread among the suburbs and it is considering both commercial and self-renovation projects, Construction Cleaning. With the development in the city of Melbourne, it is important to evolve your business/workplace/personal space not only technologically but also physically. Physical appearance is one of the key success factors to attract customers towards you. New improvements, renovations are also the sides that Construction Cleaners will look towards in Melbourne. These changes left a lot of dust, dirt and other heavy materials.

In a city like Melbourne a proper plan, techniques, equipment, and labor are essential to dispose of them in a proper way. Minimum of air pollution is also a considerable factor when we are dealing with Construction Cleaning in Melbourne. Construction Cleaning companies in Melbourne really focus to give the best value delivery to their customers. Effectiveness and efficiency is also something the Construction Cleaners adhere to satisfy their customers. When it comes to pricing a particular Construction Cleaning they have to consider multiple factors. Roughly the cost will be slightly higher than the other regions because of the fact that Melbourne is commercialized city

Builders cleaning refers to a real builder cleaning rather than a normal house cleaning. This is the last stage of the cleaning process. When considering about Builders Cleaning in Melbourne, it is a vastly expanded business. We can identify 3 key stages inside this Builders Cleaning process. They are;

  • Rough interior cleaning – This is the initial stage in Construction Cleaning process. In this stage, their main objective is to obtain clean and debris free interior, which provide an ideal platform to continue and complete the construction in the best possible way. Final activities in Construction Cleaning such as, carpet fitting, interior finishes installments must be done in a clean and debris free environment. This Rough interior cleaning phase is essential for a qualitative and an effective output. Sweeping, washing all dusting surfaces and windows, making underlay for carpets and tiles are some of the key activities under this stage.
  • Final interior cleaning – At this stage Construction Cleaners ensure to handover a clean and safe surrounding by conducting the final cleaning process which includes all the cleaning activities in every interior space. This phase of the cleaning requires many laborers and supervision. Wiping and eliminate dust, sinks, backslash washing are some of the activities under this stage.
  • Touch up cleaning – After finishing the final cleaning stage, it is important to debrief on the work that Construction cleaners did. After several days/weeks again the particular space will require another touch up clean. This is somewhat similar to the basic household cleaning routine. Removing dust, cleaning windows, walls, floors and ceilings are some of the touch up work under Construction Cleaning.

A proper Construction Cleaning businesses follow these fundamental stages to deliver a comprehensive satisfaction towards their customers. When it comes to Construction Cleaning in Melbourne, new homes. recently renovated homes, office and commercial spaces, factories, etc are the major components. It has spread from small to large projects.

Charges for Post Construction Cleaning?

For many of us, the price and the charging for Construction Cleaning are the main concerns. There are mainly four factors which decide the pricing and charges for a Construction Cleaning. Those are;

  • Size of the Construction – This is a very important factor to set a price for a particular Construction Cleaning task. Most of the time for a business place(Commercial Space) the number of floors that they require clean and for a personal space number of rooms that need to be clean will determine the final costs.
  • Complexity of the task – In Construction Cleaning waste disposal is one of the key areas to focus on. Complexity of disposing the wastes such as heavy timber, steel etc will be considered to measure the level of complexity of the task. Sometimes they may have to use additional equipment and labor to complete the task.
  • Additional Services – If you are willing to hire a Construction Cleaners, first refer to what are their main services and additions. For example, a certain Construction Cleaning company will not do activities such as outdoor pressure washing, roof cleaning, etc. But according to the customer’s will, they may add these sort of activities as additional services.
  • Region/State – The hourly rate for construction cleaning differs according to the region that you are staying. For larger cities the cost will be comparatively high, than a smaller city in Australia. This separation of the regions cause a considerable amount of spread in the hourly rate. Approximately it costs 30 – 45A$.

It is critically important to know what type of service you need, what features it should include in the Construction Cleaning services. Many Construction Cleaning companies offer different packages for both commercial and personal spaces which will ease up the choice of selecting the better Construction Cleaning Company as customer wishes. Let’s consider how the hourly rate of construction cleaning will differ in different regions.

  • Victoria – around 35$
  • New South Wales – around 40$
  • Western Australia – around 37.50$
  • Sydney – around 45$
  • Melbourne – around 40$
  • Brisbane – around 40$

Since Melbourne is a larger city the Construction Cleaners offer slightly higher prices than the other regions’ price. If you are in need of a Construction Cleaning service, you are just one step away to reach it. Move with the newer world, ensure your workplace, home is gleaming clean and neat. Melbourne will support your cause.

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